Man made mummy mummy in a year, earned 44 lakh rupees from mother's corpse

A very scary case has come to light from Austria. This case surprised everyone. After the death of his mother, a person living here kept her dead body hidden at the (Mothers Corpse Mummified) house. The son earned 44 lakh rupees (Man Earns 44 Lakhs From Dead Body) in a year from the dead body of the mother. After all, how did the corpse become a means of earning?

In today's time people do anything for money. People do not hesitate to cheat their loved ones in the affair of money. The cases of deceiving the living people were not less that now people have started earning money from dead bodies (Man Earns 44 Lakhs From Dead Body). Recently, a horrifying incident came to light from Austria. Here a man hid his mother's body for a year and kept it in the house (Mothers Corpse Mummified). The man's mother had died last year but he did not want this news to come out. The reason was the pension received by the woman.

This 89-year-old woman used to get a pension (Austrian Old Age Pension) from the Austrian government. His son was afraid that if the news of his death would come out, the money would stop coming to him. Because of this, he stored his mother's body. And continued to use the pension amount comfortably. Giving more details about the matter, the officials said that the man had saved his mother's body from decomposition by putting in a lot of brains. If the corpse had rotted, the stench coming from it would reveal its secret.

died last year

According to Austrian police, they found the body of an 89-year-old woman from a house in the Innsbruck area. According to the news of The Mirror, the woman died in June last year. When the autopsy of the body was done, it was found that the woman was killed by her 66-year-old son. After this he hid the body in the house itself. In order that the corpse should not rot, the person had made many types of jugaad. The man said that if the body comes to know about the dead body, then the pension given to his mother will stop. In the greed of money, he mummy the mother's corpse.

Mummy's mummy made like this

The man mummy the dead body of his mother in a year. First of all, he kept the body covered in snow so that it would not stink. After this, he tied the body in a bandage to absorb the fluid coming out of the body. To absorb all the liquid from the corpse, he stuffed the body in a cat food bag. Within a year, his mother's corpse turned into a mummy.

such an open secret

After recovering the body, the police arrested the man. He has been accused of murder, hiding the dead body and fraud. Whenever the elder brother of the man used to come to meet his mother, he was returned by lying. The truth of the matter came to light when a new postman came to give pension in the name of mother. He insisted on giving money in the hand of the woman. When the son denied this, the postman informed the police. After coming there, this secret was revealed in the search.