The thief used to steal women's undergarments, when the police raided, he was stunned to see the pile in the house!

You must have seen and heard thieves stealing valuables till now. Even money-jewelry or expensive clothes are fine, but a thief from Japan has crossed the limit. This thief was fond of stealing women's underwear. Very strange to hear this incident is hundred percent true.

When the police suspected the 56-year-old man, they raided his house. On reaching inside the house, the police saw a pile of women's undergarments (730 Undergarment Found in Thief's House), then their eyes were torn apart. There were more than 700 clothes in the house, in such a way the police got into thinking that what did this person do with these clothes?

used to steal women's clothes from the laundry

This strange case is from the city of Oita, Japan. 56-year-old Tetsuo Urata is accused of stealing women's undergarments from the laundry. According to media reports, this person stole these clothes from Coin Laundromats. According to Abema TV, Tetsuo Urata was accused of stealing 6 pairs of undergarments from a 21-year-old student from the Coin Laundromats machine on August 24. After registering the case in this case, the officers reached the house of the accused. When he saw 730 undergraduates there, he was blown away.

Theft went viral on social media

Police also say that they have not seen such theft before. This strange incident of theft has become viral on social media. People are giving interesting reactions to this man's strange hobby. By the way, such an incident has come to the fore from America, where a 29-year-old thief used to enter women's house and steal only their undergarments. He was fond of stealing women's clothes, makeup and brushes. Not only this, in New Zealand, a 65-year-old man has been caught for stealing women's undergarments. A man was also caught in Japan, who was addicted to stealing women's shoes.


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