Cash App overdraft: Understanding the real concept

 Cash App has been playing a vital role in the users’ day-to-day life by letting them make payments for their purchases directly from their smartphones. Since this payment app consists of all the features that a digital payment app should have, therefore, a lot of users are signing up on this platform every other day. However, recently some users have been coming up with a query regarding Cash App overdraft. If this is the same thing that is bothering you, then you have landed in the right place. On this page, you will learn the complete details about negative balance in Cash App along with some other helpful topics that will make you understand the same.

Description: Cash App Overdraft

If this is the first time that someone has told you that their Cash App balance has gone negative, then you might be interested to know what would have been the consequences that lead to this. Apart from this, the users whose balance has actually gone negative might be interested to know the method to fix this issue.

So, you may read this article till the end to know more about it.

Can you overdraft the Cash App?

No, you cannot overdraft Cash App under any circumstances. This is because to make any transaction on Cash App, you have to have a balance in your account. Unless you have funds in your account, you won’t be able to complete the transaction. But, on the other hand, Cash App can overdraft you in some odd circumstances.

For example, if someone pays you mistakenly and you refuse to refund him the amount, then he would send his request to Cash App support asking for a refund. If Cash App approves his refund, the amount shall be deducted from your Cash App account. But, what if you have already spent the amount? Well, in that case, Cash App will overdraft you, and your balance will become negative. So, in that case, you need to pay that amount first after which you will be able to use other functions on it. However, you will not be charged an overdraft fee for the same.

How to overdraft Cash App?

Well, you cannot overdraft Cash App, but with its “Borrow” feature you can take $200 as a loan from it. However, not everybody is eligible to use this feature of the Cash App. Cash App has given this right to use this feature only to a few select users. Therefore, you need to check if you are eligible to use this benefit from it or not. If you are able to use this feature, you will have to pay back the loan along with a 5% fee.

Can I overdraft my Cash App card?

No, you cannot overdraft your Cash App card in any circumstances. Therefore, you should drop this idea of over-drafting your Cash App card. If you pay at a store using your Cash Card and it does not have enough balance in it, then you will not be able to complete the transaction because there is no such feature that your balance will become negative. So to use your Cash card for making payments, you should make sure that you fund your card by logging in to your account with Cash App login credentials.

Can I overdraft my Cash App card at ATM?

As we have discussed already, you cannot do a Cash App overdraft at an ATM or anywhere else. Therefore, if you are planning to use more than the amount that is available on your card, then you will not be able to do it, no matter what.


As it is clear from this post, there is nothing you can do to overdraft Cash App. Therefore, if you had doubts about the same, then your doubts must have been cleared after going through this article. To avoid overdraft on Cash App, you should ensure that you do not take any action against the usage terms of the Cash App. Apart from this, if someone has paid you mistakenly, you should immediately refund his amount. Otherwise, Cash App may charge you for it, later on.