Cash App Routing Number – How to find and Change it on Cash App

 Have you ever wondered what is the routing number on Cash App. Ever wondered how to change the Cash App routing number from 041 to 073? If not, it’s time to be aware before it’s too late. In this article, you will find answers to all your questions regarding routing numbers.

Routing numbers were invented by the American Bankers Association (AMA). It has been in the banking system since 1910 and was done to ease banking operations. A routing number consists of 9 digits and each bank is assigned a unique routing number in the US. All numbers represent important information about the bank. For example, the first two digits indicate whose jurisdiction the bank is in. And the third digit denotes the check processing centre of the bank. The fourth digit represents the state name of the bank’s Federal Reserve District.

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How to find my routing number on Cash App for direct deposit?

There are over 26000 routing numbers in the US. So, the question of most of the people is: What is my Cash App routing number out of 26000? How do I find my routing number? We have discussed it in the later part of this article but first, let us discuss what is the use of routing numbers.

If you are a trusted user of the Cash App payment app then I am sure sooner or later you will think of direct deposit. If you do not know then let me tell you that Direct Deposit on Cash App is a free service. With the help of Cash App Direct Deposit, you can get your salary from your employer directly into your Cash App account. In addition, you can get stimulus checks, tax refunds, and unemployment assistance from the government. To start this smart service in your account, you need to know your routing number. Here below is how to find out your routing number on Cash App.

  • Open the Cash App mobile application on your iPhone or Android device.
  • Tap on the Balance tab available in the bottom left corner.
  • The next step is to select Deposit & Transfer.
  • Scroll down and your Cash App routing number and account number will appear.

Note: You must be a verified Cash App account user and have a linked bank account to view your routing number.

Sutton Bank routing number

Sutton Bank Cash App supports the process of direct deposit and issue Cash App cards. So on checking your routing number on the Cash App, you will probably find Sutton Bank as the name of your direct deposit bank. And more specifically, your routing number can be either: 041208777 or 041215663. These two routing numbers are owned by Sutton Bank located at Attica, OH 44807.

Lincoln Saving Bank routing number

If Sutton Bank is not your direct deposit bank then your Cash App direct deposit bank may be Lincoln Savings Bank. This further means that your routing number can be either 073905527 or 073923033. These two routing numbers are based in Reinbeck Iowa 50669.

How can I change my routing number?

So, you want to change the Cash App routing number. If yes, then let me make one thing clear. You cannot change your cash app routing yourself. However, routing numbers on Cash App can be changed in some exceptional cases. For example, though in rare cases, sometimes Cash App changes the bank and delegates the operation to another bank. In such a situation, the routing numbers of the users are changed automatically. In some cases, when account holders change their state and update the new address, the routing number gets changed automatically. The same can happen with Cash App users.

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How to get 073 Cash App routing number?

Let me ask a question first. Why do you want the 073 routing number? Cash App services are always the same whatever your routing may be. So, what is the purpose of getting the 073 routing number on the Cash Account? Has someone told you that you will get $4,000 a month or $500 a day for free?

If yes, then be careful. This could be a scam. There is a routing based scam going on in America these days. In which the scammers asked Cash App users to share routing and account numbers by luring them. And then use these details to get unemployment assistance and other benefits from the government. They further use these details to carry out many other fraudulent activities. So, be a smart person and say no to such people and be safe.

My Cash App routing number changed! Why?

It is a very rare case that Cash App bank name or routing number gets changed on your Cash Account. However, it can happen when two banks merge, you move to another state, or Cash App changes its bank due to some operational reasons. For more information regarding the changed routing number, you may contact customer service.