How to Close or Delete Cash App Account – Guide

 Are you fed-up using the Cash App and want to bid adieu to it by deleting your account. If you’ve made up your mind and decided that you’ll no longer use it, then delete your account. For this, you must know- how to close or delete Cash App account? There can be so many different reasons due to which users want to delete the Cash App account. For instance, they are concerned about the security of their bank account, or they don’t use the app anymore and try some other one.

So there are two ways through which you can delete your Cash App account. You can either delete the app or on your computer. Although it is quite easy to close the Cash App account, many users make mistakes due to lack of knowledge and forget a few critical points. Because of this, they repent later on. Thus keeping this in mind, we have prepared this guide to help you delete the Cash App account securely and safely.

Important things to keep in mind before Closing Cash App account:

If you do not wish to repent after deactivating your Cash App account, then there are many things you ought to keep in mind. Below mentioned are some of these considerations that you need to know:

  • Be certain there’s not any pending payment.
  • Do not forget to ask for a Cash App refund or assess whether there’s a refund.
  • Have a moment to disconnect your cash card from the Cash App.
  • Make sure there isn’t any bitcoin and stock left on your cash app wallet.
  • Additionally, money out your Cash App balance back to your bank accounts.

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How to delete the Cash account permanently on App?

After checking out all of the points mentioned above, you can proceed and eliminate your Cash App payment account with simple measures on the app or website. These are the easy steps you need to follow to delete the account on your Android I-phone device:

Steps to delete the Cash App account on iPhone:

  • The very first step would be to enter your profile.
  • Move back on display to discover and pick the “Support” alternative.
  • Scrolling all of the ways down and picking “Something Else” is another step.
  • Then tap on Close my Cash App Account.
  • After this complete the verification process
  • You’ll be signed out of the Cash App, and a delete confirmation will be sent to you via your email address or through SMS.

Steps to delete the Cash App account on Android:

All iOS or apple mobile users may think about the actions mentioned in the previous segment for Android mobiles. Why? Since the Cash App account deletion method is the same for both Android and iOS supported phones. Not just through telephone, but you can also delete your Cash App account via the website.

How to delete the Cash App account on the computer?

Cash App allows users to delete their payment account on the website. Following are the steps that you need to follow to delete your Cash App account:  

  • Step one would be to login to your Cash App account on your desktop by visiting the official site
  • Click the Setting button.
  • Enter your profile, and here select the option to deactivate your Cash App account
  • Choose the reason you would like to delete your Cash App wallet and then click “Verify” tab.
  • Confirm your identity to terminate the procedure.


To conclude, it is very simple to delete a Cash App account. It is only up to you to use the application or leave it. You can close your Cash App account through your mobile phone or website. Both methods are mentioned in this blog. Moreover, make sure that you cash out money before deleting your account.