How to Delete or Hide Cash App Transaction History

 Payment history is a record of receiving and sending money on the Cash App. When you pay with your debit or credit card and buy a product online, each transaction is automatically registered in your Cash App payment details. Many people know that transaction history is a major contributor to credit score, yet want to know how to delete My Cash app transaction history.

First of all, I would like to point out that Cash App retains all transaction history for its internal use only. Cash App does not allow its users to hide or delete their payment and all other transaction histories, so there is no way to delete Cash App history.

Hence, in this blog, we have talked about why Cash App does not offer a transaction history delete feature and we have also mentioned an alternative procedure that can help users.

Can you delete Cash App transaction history?

I would like to inform Cash App users who wish to delete their Cash App payment activities, that they cannot do so. As Cash app never allows users to change, hide or delete the payment and all other transaction histories.

You may like it or not, but the truth is that hiding or clearing some or all of Cash App payment history is far from reality. But, if you are willing to go to any level to clear Cash App transaction history, there is one thing you can do. And that is to disable your account permanently.

There is also an indirect way to get rid of payment records and that is to delete your Cash App account. Once you delete your account on the Square Cash App, no one can access your wallet and check your transaction activities. You know that there is no way to delete Cash App user history so let’s go ahead and read, Why Cash App does not allow its users to delete Cash account history?

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The main reason behind not allowing users of CashApp to delete history

Following are the reasons behind the ban to remove Cash App transaction activities.

Security Terms:- In order to obtain PCI-DSS Level 1 certification Cash App cannot allow its users to delete their transaction history.

Financial Reports: – Cash App keeps record of every transaction to resolve any dispute in future.

Cash App Payment History helps users to check monthly bills and detect incorrect bills while preparing monthly expense report or next expense budget.

Before proceeding further, we would like to inform you that we have also published a blog on how to delete a Cash App account:-

Important things to note before deleting the Cash App account

If you have really decided to delete your Cash App account forever then it is important to leave no room for any kind of confusion.

Just make sure you follow the steps mentioned below to get a hassle-free experience: –

  • Transfer all your money from your Cash App wallet to your linked bank account.
  • Check whether BTC or stock is available in your wallet. If yes, then sell them.
  • Go to your linked cards (debit and credit both), remove them immediately.
  • Click the Profile button and delete your personal information as well.
  • Go to Settings and disable your Cash App Card.
  • Log in to Cash App on any PC and download your Cash App transaction history for future references.

Conclusion: – 

By going through the blog users will get to know why CashApp has not provided the methods to delete the transaction history.


How to delete Cash App history from cash app account?

There are many reasons like security purposes and banking norms, resolve future disputes due to which Cash App does not allow to delete Cash App history from user account.

How can I check my past transactions on Cash app?

Yes, you can check the past transactions on the cash app. Users can view their Cash App transaction history from the starting date account, even users can download their Cash App transaction history.

How to create a new account after deleting the current Cash app account?

Yes, user can create a new account after deleting the working or current account. After re-creating a new Cash App account you will get a new Activity page.