AOL Mail Login Issues


AOL Mail Login Issues: Fix AOL Mail Issues on Android, iPad, iPhone, and Mac


AOL Mail is a free email service that anyone can use by creating an account. Using AOL Mail, people can share messages with their friends, family, and colleagues. Many professionals use it to enjoy its services and features. Moreover, the users get excellent storage space on it.


However, sometimes the Aol Mail may create common issues on your web browser. For this, you may require to check whether you have set filters causing the messages to be sent directly into the trash. Also, one can have problems viewing the images or attachments on Aol Mail.


Therefore, we have provided some solutions for you to resolve the AOL Mail issues below:


If the AOL Mail is Not Working on Your Android

In case you face an issue regarding the Aol Mail app not working on your android device, then we recommend you to follow the below-mentioned steps:


1.        First, you will have to launch AOL Mail on your Android device.

2.        Then, you will require entering your login credentials.

3.        After that, browse the outgoing/incoming server settings.

4.        Next, select the manual setup option.

5.        Later, click the IMAP account settings option. Then, configure the same while entering the data mentioned in the next step.

6.        Input '' in the IMAP server field.

7.        Type '143.' in the port field and mark the security type as none.

8.        Further, hit the next option and proceed to set the SMTP preferences.

9.        For this, input '' in the SMTP server field. Then, type '587' in the port field.

10.    Now, you have to save the AOL Mail configuration changes and close the application.


Finally, check if the Aol Mail issue is resolved.


If the AOL Mail is Not Working on Your iPad

Follow the steps we have explained below to resolve the issues regarding your AOL Mail not working on iPad:


1.        First, you need to go to the settings icon on your iPad.

2.        Then, browse the contacts, mail, and calendars option.

3.        Here, select your AOL Mail account.

4.        Further, check whether it is displaying the correct email address.

5.        Now, check if the link '' is shown in the hostname field. If not, you may need to change it to the link '' without any quotes.

6.        After that, go to the SMTP option and ensure that the primary field shows ''

7.        Now, switch on the server and return to the home screen of your iPad.


Finally, check if the AOL Mail has started working.


If the AOL Mail is Not Working on Your iPhone

The iPhone users facing issues with the AOL Mail are recommended to follow these steps:


1.        The user is recommended to swipe up from the bottom of the iPhone screen to go to the control panel.

2.        Then, put the iPhone on Airplane mode, and toggle the same with on/off mode.

3.        Now, turn the Airplane mode off after few minutes and check if the Aol Mail issue is resolved.

4.        In case the issue persists, then follow the further steps.

5.        You will have to remove the AOL Mail account from your iPhone and add it again.

6.        Then, go to the settings option and open 'passwords & accounts.'

7.        Now, check the accounts running on your iPhone. Choose the AOL Mail account and select the Delete account option too.

8.        After that, come back to the settings option and go to the 'passwords & accounts.' Here, click on the Add account option and choose AOL Log here.


This way, the AOL Mail problem with your phone will get resolved.



If the AOL Mail is Not Working on Your Mac

The steps we have stated below will help you resolve the AOL Mail not working issue on Mac:


1.        You will have to run the Connection Doctor on your Mac to resolve the Aol Mail issue.

2.        For this, click the Mail icon and select the Window option.

3.        Then, select the connection doctor option after that.

4.        As a result, the connection status will show on the proceeding page.

5.        Here, check if the status shows in red. If yes, that means the internet connection is not active.

6.        If you face an issue in receiving mails, then go to the accounts setting. Then, tap on the advanced tab and untick the box near the use SSL option.

7.        Further, you will require to check the user account information with settings. Modifications in them may resolve your issue.

8.        Else, go to the inbox and refresh the mailbox.

9.        Now, restart the Mac and check if it resolves the problem.



An appropriate implementation of the steps for particular procedures that we have covered in this piece of information will help you resolve Aol Mail's issues not working on your browsers. Hence, follow the steps carefully and correctly.