How to delete a Cash App account permanently [Step by step guide]

Many users are not aware that How can I Delete Cash App Account? What things to keep in mind before making any changes? Here we have discussed some things which you should know about deactivating the account.

Before deleting the account of Cash App, the user must know that the account can be deleted permanently and temporarily.

Deleting other apps may not be easy for you, as it may require SSN, driving license, and login credentials. But deleting the account on Cash App is not that complicated.

How to permanently Deactivate the Cash App account?

Deleting a Cash App account is the most common question asked by the Cash App users. Deleting the Cash App account is relatively easy as you don’tdon’t have to sign in to your account. You can check out the steps mentioned below to delete the Cash App account:

Once you have taken all of your money, then you can go back to the menu. It will look similar to any avatar which you might have seen on any social media website.

You need to select the “Support” tab; from there, you need to tap on the “Something else” tab.



Then tap on the option “Account settings”. After that select, the option “Close my Cash App account.”



Confirm it by tapping on “Confirm Closing My Cash App Account.” After that, you will receive the confirmation message.

Always check that you receive the confirmation message before you deactivate the Cash App account.


This article discussed and provided information about the Cash App that a user can delete from the Cash App account from the device and what things need to keep in mind before deleting the Cash App account.


Can I delete the App?

Removing the application or uninstalling it from your device will not wholly delete the Cash App account. It’s just that you have removed the application from your device and the Cash App account is still active.
All your files will be remaining at the same place. If your reason for deleting the App is security reasons, the issue never fixes by uninstalling the App.

How can I delete the old Cash App account?

Many users created a Cash App account and forgot the password or stopped using the Cash App due to personal reasons or switched to some other online payment app.
But they forget the delete the old Cash App account. If the user knows the Cash App account’s password, then the user can follow the steps mentioned above to delete the Cash App account.
If the user doesn’t remember the password, they need to contact Cash App customer support to get the account deleted.

Do you want to recover the password?

Many users are not good at technical things, and by any chance, they forgot their password. What can they do from their end?
Try random words that they think might be the password.
In such cases, you can contact Cash App support, who would verify your identity for security reasons and help you with recovering the password.