How To Reset AOL Password

 Also known as AIM mail, AOL mail is a free web-based email service that is currently being used by millions of users across the globe. The mail has a plethora of unmatched features to provide its users a never before emailing experience. To access the email, you have to first create an account by providing the required details. For security purpose or to set a new password, you can go for AOL password reset anytime. For AOL password reset, you have to follow a simple set of instructions only.

You can organize the entire AOL mail according to your specific requirements and preferences. The mail also allows you to block specific senders or to mark them spam. You can also enjoy other exciting features just by exploring the email. If you are already using AOL email and have forgotten its password then reset AOL password for a fresh start.

Steps to reset AOL password

1.               Go to AOL sign in page

2. Provide your registered username

3. Hit Next and then click I forgot my password

To proceed to AOL password reset, you will be asked to verify a few details. For AOL reset password, you will receive a verification code either on your registered mobile number or on recovery email address provided during AOL account creation. The third way of AOL password reset is by answering Account Security Questions and profile information. Read below the stepwise instructions for all three methods:


Send a verification code to your recovery mobile or phone number

1. Once you click this option, you will be asked to provide the missing digit in the phone number

2. Enter the same and click Submit

3. Now, choose from these two options to receive the verification code

1. Yes, Send me a verification code- You will receive the code via SMS

2. Call me with a verification code- You will get the code via a call

4. Now, enter the verification code in the right field for AOL reset password

5. Hit Submit

6. A success message will be displayed on the screen

7. Hit Create a new Password

8. Enter the new password and then re-enter the same to confirm

9. Click Continue and then Ok, got It


Send a verification code to your recovery email address

If you have provided a recovery email address during AOL account creation then you can receive AOL password reset link on that email.

1. When you choose this option, you will see “Do you have access to this email”

2. Click Yes, Send me a verification code to continue

3. Log in to your recovery email and search for AOL password reset email

4. Follow the instructions displayed in the email to reset AOL password

5. Click Continue

6. Enter a new password for your AOL mail

7. Click Continue

8. Hit Ok, got it!

You can now access your AOL mail account!


Answering Account Security Question and profile information

If you have Account Security Questions linked to your AOL mail account then select this option and do the following:

1. Provide the answer to your security question

2. Hit Verify

3. Now, enter the asked profile information to verify your identity

1. You may be asked to enter your name, zip code, date of birth, and other such information

4. Hit Continue

5. Proceed according to the onscreen instructions

6. Set a new password

7. Re-enter the same to confirm

8. Click Continue and then Ok, Got it


Guidelines for a strong AOL password

When you set or reset AOL password, it is recommended to create the one that is hard to guess. Passwords like “JOHN123, 123456, abcdef” are quite easy to guess and therefore, may compromise the security of your AOL account. For AOL reset password, keep the following points in mind:

1. Use small and capital letters

2. Include numeric characters

3. Use special characters such as @#$%

Above all, don’t share your password with anyone and if you do make sure the person doesn’t misuse your AOL mail account.


How to Recover AOL Password without phone number and alternate email?

AOL is a popular email service provider and a multimedia company. By using this email service, you can simply compose, receive and send emails to any other email accounts.

In general, AOL is a really secure email account but still sometimes you may face certain issues related to password or hacking. The mistake is not on AOL’s part as you need to be attentive about the security of your account. AOL password is the key to your social privacy and protecting it is your obligation. It will protect your account from suspicious users, hence choosing a strong and unique password should always be your priority.

There are different ways using which you can safeguard the privacy of your AOL account. First and foremost,

§ You must keep changing your password at regular intervals.

§ Always keep your account’s recovery information correct and update.

§ Never share your account details with even the most trustworthy person.

In this guide, you will get to know about various ways through which you can recover your AOLaccount as well as make it more secure and invulnerable to hacking incidents.


How to Change AOL Password?

Changing the AOL password becomes obligatory in certain situations. When you think your account is not secure enough, you must immediately change your password. Also, it is advisable to keep your account’s password updated so that even if someone has access to your account, he/she will lose it as soon as you change the password. You can always change your password to something strong making it difficult for others to guess.

Whatever is the scenario, you can easily change your password using the steps given below for different devices.


How to Change your AOL account password on a desktop using a web browser?


First of all, open a web browser on your device and go to AOL sign-in page.

Log in to your AOL account using the username and password.


At the top-right corner, click on your "profile name".


From the panel given on the left side, click on ‘Account Security’.


In the ‘How you sign in’ section, click on ‘Change Password’.


In the fields for ‘New Password’ and ‘Confirm new password’, enter the new password. Your password must be easy to remember for you but difficult for others to guess.


After you’re done entering the password twice, click on ‘Continue’.


Next, you will be asked to update your recovery information. You can click on ‘Looks Good or Remind Me Later’ if no updation is required.


How to Change Your AOL Account Password in IOS?


On the home screen of your iOS device, tap the AOL app.


In the bottom right corner of the screen, select the gear icon for ‘Settings’.


In the support section, tap ‘privacy dashboard’.


You will require to re-login:

§ 1. So enter your Email ID and click on “Next”.

§ 2. Now enter your AOL Password and click on the “Sign in” button

§ Prove you are not a robot


Press the tab ‘Your Account’.


You will have the option of edit account info ,In Your Account’ section, click on ‘Edit Account Info’.


At the top left of the personal info screen, tap the three horizontal line icon given for ‘menu’.|


From the menu that you see, select ‘Account security’.


Tap ‘Change Password’ to change the password.


On the password field, enter a new password in both the fields.


After entering the new password, press ‘Continue’.


You will see a confirmation screen where you can update the recovery information required or else press ‘ Remind me Later’.


How to Set A new Password? - Tips for Setting a New Password

Here are some useful tips that will lead you to a more secure and strong password:

§ Never include your name or phone number in the password.

§ Make sure to involve special characters in your password either at the beginning or at the end.

§ Do not use the same password for every social or email account you have.

§ You can also leave out spaces between words to make it more complicated.

§ Make sure to keep it simple for you so that you don’t forget it anytime.

§ You should keep updating your password after every few days.

§ Never save your account details in any of the web browsers.

§ longer password is always considered safer and securer.

However, all these tips will not prevent you from keyloggers so make sure to run an antivirus scan regularly.



How to Reset AOL password?

Sometimes a situation arises when you have forgot AOL password and are unable to log in. AOL gives you a number of recovery options to reset the password of your account.



Check the saved information of your browser:

If you are unable to remember your account’s password, check if you have saved the information using the auto-fill feature of the browser. This option arises when you enter a username and password for the first time on a password-protected site. The browser shows a pop-up window that asks if you want to save the login information.

If you have saved the login information for AOL account on your browser, it will fill the information automatically. Or you can go to the browser’s help site and retrieve the password using the browser’s settings.



Use the Recovery Information:

AOL has also switched from password recovery and it only provides you with some options to reset the password. You can use the phone number linked to your account or the secondary email address.



Using the AOL Recovery phone number: ( How to Reset AOL Password without Recovery Email ID?)


Follow the simple steps provided below to reset your AOL mail account password:


Open a web browser and go to the AOL login page.


Enter your username and click on continue.


On the password page, click on ‘I forgot my password’.


On the next page, you will see the phone number linked to your account and you have to click on ‘Yes,


Now, you have to enter the code received on your phone number and click on ‘Verify’.


You will be directed to a page where you will be allowed to set a new password for your AOL account.


You will have to enter the password twice and then press ‘Continue’.


Now, you can log out and try to do AOL email sign in using the new password.

This method is also useful when you want to recover your AOL account without email address



Using the alternate email address: ( How to Reset AOL Password without Recovery Phone Number?)


If you don’t have any phone number linked to your AOL account, you can recover your AOL account without phone number i.e. by using the recovery email address.

Here are the steps that you need to follow to reset password using the recovery email ID:


Open a web browser and go to the AOL login page.


Enter your username and press ‘Next’.


Click on ‘I forgot my password’.


Next, you will get a verification code on your email address which you have submitted as recovery email ID on AOL.


Now copy the “verification code” and paste it into AOL page and click on continue button.


Now Select a new Password (with caps, Number and symbol) and confirm.


Now you can add a Recovery Phone Number or you can also click on Remind me later.

The link will redirect you to AOL homepage where you will get the option to modify your AOL account as per your need. Now you can log out and try to log In with your new password.

Using these steps, you can regain access to your AOL account. After resetting the password, you can try to login with the new password and check if you are able to do so from all your devices.

But in order to avoid getting into this situation in the first place, you must try not forget the login details. Instead of writing them on a piece of paper, you can use a Password Manager to secure them all at one place.



How to Recover AOL account without phone number and email address?


If you don’t have access to any of the recovery information i.e. phone number or email address, you will not be able to regain access to your account. The reason is, you need to verify that the account belongs to you by entering a verification code sent on your phone number or email address. So if you don’t have access to any of these, you will not be able to get across the verification process.


Reset a Forgotten AOL Email Password

The AOL password gives you the authority to access every AOL service you use. It is always a good idea to update your AOL’s password on a regular basis and to make sure that the password you are about to set is easy to recall from the password you used earlier. You need to be careful while you reset a forgotten AOL Email Password.

In case, you have forgotten the AOL account password or you want to simply change it, then consider the steps mentioned below:-


For Performing AOL Password Reset:-


1. 01)You have to visit (AOL account security page).

2. 02)You should now click on the “Change AOL password” option.

3. 03)Now you have to enter the new password.

4. 04)Click on the “Continue” option


To reset a forgotten AOL Email Password, you can follow the steps mentioned below

1. You have to visit (AOL account security page).

2. You should now click on the “Change AOL password” option.

3. Now you have to enter the new password.

4. Click on the “Continue” option


How to Fix problems in Signing in to your AOL account

If you are facing issues in signing in to your AOL account and wanted to know the steps to identify and correct the common sign-in issues such as invalid username and password, account locks, and other account accessing errors, then review the guidelines below to fix these issues.


Account and password related issues

In case you have forgotten your email password and username associated with AOL account: – To resolve this issue, you can follow the steps mentioned below:-

1. You can use the Sign-in Helper to locate your username so that you can regain access to your AOL account.

2. If you know your username and you have forgotten your password then make sure you create a strong password which is unique too.

3. If your browser remembers your passwords then you can check your auto fill settings to know your password.



Invalid password or username error

When you see this error on-screen that means the username or password combination which you have entered doesn’t match with what AOL has in its records. To resolve this, you need to follow the guidelines mentioned below:-

1. Check the ‘caps lock’ key of the keyboard you are using to entering the credentials. The key can actually make a huge difference to what you want to type.

2. Update the auto-fill settings of your browser. If your browser remembers your password then you may need to update your auto fill settings after you change the password.

3. You can try another web browser that means, if you can access your AOL account in other browsers, the problem is not with your account, there is an issue in the browser itself. So you need to fix the issues with preferred browser.

4. In case someone has changed your password, then you have to use the Sign-In helper to access your account back and reset the password again.


There are other issues related to AOL Sign-in. Some of them are as follows:

You get a message displaying “First time signing in here?”

If you sign-in from a device, program or a location that you haven’t used yet, you will be prompted to enter verification code to confirm your authenticity whether it’s really you or someone else trying to sign-in to your AOL account. In case the data recovery options displayed are not updated, then click on “Still can’t sign in?’ option to recover your account. 

You get a message displaying “First time signing in here?”

If you sign-in from a device, program or a location that you haven’t used yet, you will be prompted to enter verification code to confirm your authenticity whether it’s really you or someone else trying to sign-in to your AOL account. In case the data recovery options displayed are not updated, then click on “Still can’t sign in?’ option to recover your account.


You get a message displaying “First time signing in here?”

If you sign-in from a device, program or a location that you haven’t used yet, you will be prompted to enter verification code to confirm your authenticity whether it’s really you or someone else trying to sign-in to your AOL account. In case the data recovery options displayed are not updated, then click on “Still can’t sign in?’ option to recover your account.

Recover a forgotten username

Can't remember your username? Use your account recovery phone number or email address to get it back

If you can't sign in because you've forgotten your username, you can use the recovery phone number or the recovery email address linked to your account to recover it.

1. Go to the Sign-in Helper.

2. Enter your recovery phone number or email address that you have access to.

3. Click Continue.

4. Click Yes, send me a verification code.

- We’ll send a code to the phone number or email address you provided.

5. Enter your verification code.

6. Click Continue.

7. Choose the account you’d like to sign in to.

Only accounts linked with the phone number or email address will display. If the username you are looking for isn't shown, the phone number or email address you provided isn’t linked with the account.

Note: – If you are still unable to fix the problem, then you must try the steps mentioned below:-

01You have to clear your browsing cookies.

02Now, quit and then restart your browser.

03You have to use a different supported web browser.

04You must try signing in to a different sign-in page such as the AOL Mail sign-in page.


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