Recover Yahoo Mail Forgotten Password


Have you wondered what you will do if you forgot your Yahoo id or password? Some methods will help you can gain control of your account back. In case you are looking for a way to gain control of your account, kindly read further because Yahoo has the fix for you regarding the situation.

Steps to Recover Yahoo Password

Open in a web browser. Enter your Email account for which password needs to be recovered and click continue.


Select the account where the code will be received for verification. Enter the last two digits of the selected contact number and click submit. (Note: You can also choose email address as an option)


Enter the 8-character code and click verify.


Create a new password and click continue.


A message will appear stating, “Success! You’ve successfully created a new password”.


Yahoo does not support the security question in its new algorithms for recovering an account. Yahoo recommends that you disable the security questions and switch to another medium to save your account like Two-Step Verification or Yahoo Account Key. It is mandatory to update the mobile number or an existing email address to recover the account.

Steps to disable the security questions:

It is essential to disable the security question since Yahoo has updated its terms and condition with a better solution for its account holders’ security.

Log on to your Yahoo Account.

Go to the “Account Setting” and choose “Account Security.”

Click on “Disable security questions.”

Now, click on” Yes, secure my account.”

Press “Continue.”

Forgot Username:

If you have an updated mobile number and an existing email to recover your Yahoo account, it is then possible to find your Yahoo id. If you haven’t updated any information regarding an alternate contact number or email address, then it is not possible to find your Yahoo account.